Me and My Blog

I am a mother parenting without punishments or rewards, but with compassion and respect, and above all, with understanding. – The more we can really understand our children, their behaviour and their needs, the better equipped we are as parents.

In this blog I share some of my reflections, experiences, passions, loves, hates, thoughts, opinions and tips on parenting, with the occasional snipe at the UK education system, and other topics relevant to families and children. I am also a strong advocate of the child’s right to play and the push to get children back outdoors and away from screens.

I live in the UK with my husband and now 13 year old son.

I can be contacted at I am also a registered freelance writer on Upwork.

Events attended

Living with an Angry Child“. Holly van Gulden.

22nd March 2013, Leeds City Council.

Tiger Mothers and Praise Junkies: Children, Praise and the Reactive Attitudes“. Dr Judith Suissa.

24th April 2013, University of Leeds.

Exploring the Mindsight Approach to Parenting“. Dr Daniel Siegel.

22nd May 2013, Woburn Park, Bedfordshire.

The International Parenting Conference“.

20th July 2013, Cambridge University.

Social risk taking in adolescence“. Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

10th Nov 2020, Education Policy Institute

Cover photo supplied by True To You Photography.

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